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                NANJING CIWO Fluid Technology Co. Ltd. is a multi-functional company which integrates product research and development, production and assembly, scheme design and trade. We are committed to becoming a global leader in the fluid industry, providing first-class fluid equipment products and solutions for all sectors of the world.
        We attach great importance to product development and innovation, pay attention to product quality, research and development of the company's silicon carbide ceramic pump, with excellent abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, low temperature performance, is recognized as a revolutionary breakthrough in the pump industry.
        We have professional, excellent technology and sales team, they are constantly improving their professional level, to ensure that we provide professional fluid equipment selections and solutions for our equipment vendors and owners every day.

                Choose us, we give credible commitment.





        Su ICP prepare 18042926 Nanjing Magneto-Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.